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1.nakkan logo / 2. Oil.  I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one, 2008 / 3. Oil. Paa, paa! Saan ka pupunta? 2005 / 4. Oil. Mankind can do no great things…only little things with great love, 2008 / 5. The artist.
Artist specialized in themes of hands, feet and portraits. Her full command of the art techniques is manifested in the very realistic forms and colors of her subjects while her compositions offer an air of surrealism. Being an artist and a dancer for many years  she is familiar with the anatomy of the human body and the expressivness of hands, feet and faces, such parts of the body which normally do not play an important role in traditional paintings.  This artist makes these parts of the body the center of attention of her art pieces through which she expresses her emotions and sentiments.
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