NAM TRAN, Vietnam (Hanoi, 1979) & JOHN PAUL ANTIDO, The Philippines

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1.nakkan logo / 2. Nam Tram art works: 2.1 Oil. A kiss, 2005 /2.2 Oil, Strangers, 2005 / 2.3 Oil, Alone with birds /3. John Paul Antido art works: 3.1 Oil. Hilaga, 2008 / 3.2 Oil, Dirty Kitchen, 2008 / 3.3 Oil, Ittadakimasu, 2008.
Nam Tran, Vietnam (Hanoi, 1979)
Nam Tran generally works on installations and canvas.  Until today his works may be identified for their unique and peculiar compositions which call attention. He is one of the members of the Hanoi Link artistic group.
John Paul Antido, The Philippines
Young artist, member of Sangviaje.  Offered his first individual exhibit in 2008.  Winner of various national awards.  His very characteristic strokes and expressive range of colors makes his works communicative and full of life, offering fullness to the observer and at the same time gives personality to the wall they hang from.

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