RISA RECIO, The Philippines (Hong Kong, 1985) & NGUYEN BAN GA, Vietnam (Hanoi, 1979)

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1.nakkan logo / 2. The Philippines: Risa Recio art works: 2.1 Oil. Rogers Park N. 3 (A day at the beach), 2008 /2.2 Oil.Rogers Park, N.2 (Whiskey and ginger Ale), 2008 / 2.3 Oil. Rogers Park, N.7 (Sacandaga), 2008. /3. Vietnam: Nguyen Ban Ga art works: 3.1 Paper. Pen, 2004 / 3.2 Paper. Well water, 2005 / 3.3 Paper. Abstract 9, 2006.
Risa Recio, The Philippines (Hong Kong, 1985) 
Artist specialized in painting.  Her style tends towards the abstract and the use of various colors in every one of her works.  She executes her works using varied materials with which she achieves harmony through brave and generous strokes as well as a well balanced combination of colors. After studying in New York and Italy she has returned to the Philippines where she has already held her first individual exhibits.
Nguyen Ban Ga, Vietnam (Hanoi, 1979)
Artist specialized mainly in painting on paper.  His works vary from figurative (human busts) to abstract. His works carry a wide variety of colour combinations. He has also produced some installations and oil painting. He has exhibited in other countries aside from in Vietnam. He is a member of the Hanoi Link Group.
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