how it works?

The Website classifies in the “nakkan  art” section the entries of the artists that have been published, which consist of  videos edited by nakkan and a slideshow of images, which offers an idea of  the artworks. Each new entry is dedicated to two artists, one from Vietnam and another from the Philippines. The order of publication of the entries depends on the age, being the youngest the firsts ones to be posted.
Whenever someone accesses the Website, the home page displays the most recent entry first, and below it, the previous one.
Aside from the “nakkan art” section located in the main menu, there is also a search engine that helps find artists by typing  their names or any of the two countries (Vietnam or The Philipines).
To receive updates every time there is a new post, simply subscribe for free to the Website. Subscribers also receive by e-mail a copy of the original index cards of the research of the two latest artists.